Ella Ronen’s Music in the press

25.05.2020 – Radio Feature on SRF 2 Kultur 

( radio feature about “Bubble” and Ella’s music on Swiss National Radio in German and English, link in the title )

10.05.2020 – Come Here Floyd – “Bubble” Single Review

“Ella Ronen brings a folk mix of modernism and contemporary reminisce – a cultured variant of wanting hearts and curiosities of love-fools. The vocal charms of Ella brings her mixed influences into a unique amalgam in sound and expressions. Middle eastern sounds, jazz and rock push her to give more to her listeners as the inspirations of such musicians as Joni Mitchell, Fiona Apple, and Billie Holiday, help her do exactly that”

08.05.2020 – We Love That – “Bubble” Single Review (German)

“Ella Ronen wrote a timeless classic”

15.05.2020 – At Cost Magazine – “Bubble” Single Review

“Zurich via Tel Aviv, Ella Ronen writes her latest Western with a little bit of east meets west. Though her most recent track “Bubble”, the Israeli artist transcends diverse musical geographies. Building a cinematic air through the billowing loft of her floral vocal tint, the gentle sway of its folksy guitar acoustic gives way to the enchanting air of cascading oud strings. ”

10.05.2020 – YosMusic – “Bubble” Single Review (Hebrew)

״אלה רונן מחברת את הרהוריה לצלילים, שמזכירים את הטובות שבז’אנר הפולק בארצות המערב, מסוג הזמרות- יוצרות-מספרות שיוצאות מתוך עולמן האישי, האינטרוספקטיבי, הוידויי ונשארות קרוב אל עצמן.״

“Ella Ronen connects her reflections to sounds, in a way that is reminiscent of the best of the folk genre, the kind of singer-songwriter-storytellers who create from their personal, introspective, confessional world and remain close to themselves.”

14.05.2020 Yuval Erel – “Bubble” Single Review (Hebrew)

הסאונד הדרמטי בקולה של אלה רונן ממשיך להמם את אוזני זמן רב אחרי השיר Army Song ששבה אותי בזמנו.
בשיר החדש, שיכלל באלבומה השלישי היא פורשת סיפור בתוך סיפור, בועתי שכזה, יחסים, שכנועים, העתקת מגורים, טקסט מרתק. קול מהפנט ומלודיה מותחת, כתמיד.

“The dramatic sound of Ella Ronen’s voice continues to stun my ears long after Army Song that captivated me at the time. In the new song, which will be included in her third album, she weaves a story within a story, bubbles, relationships, persuasions, relocation, fascinating text. A mesmerizing voice and suspenseful melody, as always.”

12.08.2018 – Haaretz – “Army Song” + “Harisot Tel Aviv” Review (Ben Shalev, Hebrew)

״אלה רונן מסתמנת כקול ששווה לעקוב אחריו״

“Ella Ronen is a voice to be followed”

15.11.2014 – Hadey Ozen – Album Review (Hebrew)

“The songs in her debut album are simply good, mostly personal, dark, defiant but also critical and on top of it, performed and produced well. Her short tour in Israel may be over, but the fresh album is right here and if you loved it like we did, you can purchase it or follow her and wait for her return for more shows.”

13.11.2014 – Blog Yuval Erel – Concert Review Tel Aviv (Hebrew)

“The melodies of Ella Ronen’s songs are an interesting mix of folk, progressive rock, with sparks of Jazz; the texts themselves move between love, desertion, compassion, and the end of the world. … I’m happy such a quality musician came to Tel Aviv and let us taste her creations live.”

12.11.2014 – Maariv NRG – Interview (Hebrew)

11.11.2014 – TelAvivian – Album Review

Ella Ronen‘s debut album “Mirror Maze” is the perfect album for the autumn, full of beautiful and heart breaking folky songs with just the right amount of jazzy flavours that will warm your heart.”

11.11.2014 – Mirpeset – Guest post about “the Voice” (Hebrew)

6.11.2014 – MyNet – Interview (Hebrew)

23.10.2014 – Modin News – Review Single “Please” (Hebrew)

“Ronen’s deep voice is similar to Florence Welch, the singer of “Florence and the Machine”, but surpasses them in terms of originality and musical production.”

14.10.2014 – Negative White – Interview

30.9.2014 – Haaretz – Music Video “Please”

9.9.2014 – Jerusalem Post – Interview (English)

2.9.2014 – l’Illustré – Interview / Album Review (French)

“La douceur de sa voix, celle de son regard et de ses gestes renvoient à celle dont elle fait un art de vivre.”

21.8.2014 – SRF3 – Radio Live Performance / Album Review (German)

“If you like Lea Lu, Regina Spektor, or Amanda Palmer, you will also like Ella Ronen’s music. She covers a large spectrum on “Mirror Maze”. From light singer-songwriter sound until unconventional indie-compositions.”

20.7.2014 – 24heures – Montreux Jazz concert review (French)