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Ella Ronen is a singer-songwriter, poet, and community leader.

With her unique blend of poignancy, vulnerability, and strength she invites her audience to explore the depths of their own emotions and to connect with their sense of humanity and belonging.

Her music is a mix of poetry and storytelling, and each of her live performances is a ceremony of sorts. Ella conveys heartbreakingly concise insights about the human experience with honest, poetic, and magical lyrics. Enveloping and driving all of this, is her deep, powerful, unforgettable voice.


By sharing the stories of her life, Ella strives to inspire her audience to find their own unique voice and embrace their own personal journey. Her music is a reminder that we are all connected, and her performances are an invitation to explore the depths of our emotions. When she takes the stage, she creates a space of belonging and emotional connection through music.

Ronen is about to release her fourth album, produced by Sam Cohen (Kevin Morby, Alexandra Savior, Sharon Van Etten). The album was recorded in January 2022 at Cohen's studio in Upstate NY. 

It will come out in Fall 2023 via Irascible (Switzerland) and BB*Island (Germany).

"Somewhere in the range between Florence's lungs and Fiona Apple's personality"

                                                             - Guy Hajaj, Oneg Shabbat

On the seam between tender softness and bursting power"

                                                             - Kan 88

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