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Ella Ronen is a Zürich-based musician, poet, and community facilitator.
Her music is a mix of poetry and storytelling, and her live performances are best described as ceremonies.

Ella conveys heartbreakingly concise insights about the human experience with honest, poetic, and magical-realist lyrics. Enveloping and driving all of this, is her deep, powerful, unforgettable voice.

Ronen has been writing, recording and touring everywhere for more than a decade, from Montreux Jazz to desert music festivals, to tiny living room concerts in Montréal. Wherever she plays, she brings her magical ability to create meaningful, emotional moments, and compassionate, human connection.

"The Girl with No Skin", Ronen's fourth album, which was recorded and produced by Sam Cohen (Kevin Morby, Sharon Van Etten), was released last March via Irascible (Switzerland) and BB*Island (Germany), to a multitude of rave reviews.

Ronen is also participating in a UK talent development program, "Hothouse", run by the Manchester Jazz Festival. She also co-founded Mino Collective, a Zürich-based Feminist musicians collective, runs "The Revolutionary Love Book Club", and regularly assists fellow musicians in their lyric-writing journeys in English.

The Girl With No Skin, which gives the album its title and, above all, gives Ella Ronen her credentials among the phratry of talented songwriters. In ten tracks, between suavity and sharp, literate rock, Ella Ronen strikes a blow, a slap in the face, a blow to the heart, in order to reanimate this heart, which we use as a tool for survival, but no longer to connect us to others.

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