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Ella Ronen is a musician, storyteller, mother, and feminist. She grew up in Tel Aviv, Israel, and has lived internationally since becoming an adult.

Immediately upon completing her obligatory army service at age 21 Ella decided to dedicate her life to music. She has been mesmerizing audiences ever since.


Her songs are playlisted on several major radio stations (Swiss RTS1, Option Musique, Radio Swiss Pop, Israeli Kan88), and regularly tours internationally.

She has released albums in both English (Mirror Maze, 2014 and Motherland, 2021) and Hebrew (Toska, 2018), and now lives and raises her two children in Zürich, Switzerland.

Ronen is currently working on her fourth album, produced by Sam Cohen (Kevin Morby, Alexandra Savior, Sharon Van Etten). The album was recorded in January 2022 at Cohen's studio in Upstate NY.

In her art as well as her activism, as the co-founder of the Zurich Feminist musicians collective MINO collective, Ella stands for equal rights, access and visibility for womxn, mothers, BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and other overlooked groups, in the music industry and beyond it.

"The vocal charms of Ella brings her mixed influences into a unique amalgam in sound and expressions. Middle eastern sounds, jazz and rock push her to give more to her listeners as the inspirations of such musicians as Joni Mitchell, Fiona Apple, and Billie Holiday, help her do exactly that

                                                             - Come Here Floyd

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