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One day it hit me - my dream is a community.

My dream is that there will be places in the world I can travel to and play my music, and there will be people there, who will know and love it, and they will stay and chat with me after the show, and we will hug and laugh and cry and I will get to know them, by name, I will know something about their lives. This is the dream.


When I was unsure about starting a family, a smart friend told me this: There is no convenient time to have kids.

If you wait for the perfect moment it will never happen. But if this is something you want, then go ahead.

As time goes by, I understand that this advice is valid for any major change in life. For everything we would wish for ourselves.

Waking up from the dream of some magic salvation, of the prince who’ll appear one day and give you everything you wanted, is hard and painful, but also incredibly liberating.


So hi, I'm Ella Ronen and I just started a Patreon community.

What exactly is Patreon?

The name comes from the term 'patron', like the famous art patrons of the past.

Long before record companies arose and disappeared, there were private individuals, like you and I, who decided they wanted to support a particular artist, and thanks to them we now have works by Mozart and Michaelangelo.


Unlike with Kickstarter and other crowd funding platforms, Patreon is based on longterm support with small, regular sums. This seems to me like a sustainable way to support artists you love, to join their path, to be the closest and most up-to-date in their work.


And for me, more than anything, it's a way to build a community. I don’t need to tell you about the disadvantages of social media, we all feel them all too well. I will continue to post on these pages, but I feel that there has to be another platform too. A kinder, slower, deeper way to connect with you. Patreon allows me to speak with you directly, without barriers and distractions, to speak openly and honestly, to share and hear your feedback.


Come, let’s go on this strange, beautiful adventure together.

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